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Two years before my 30th birthday I began my Saturn Returns.  The most difficult two years of my life. Saturn has a way of doing that. Forcing you to look at your life with a critical eye and see EVERYTHING times ten. But because of the difficult times, I was able to make the necessary changes, let go of old habits and eventually things got better. Alot better. At some point towards the end of 29, I eventually began to feel the relief of making it through the fire. And for weeks leading up to my 30th birthday I fully realized how different it all was and how different it was going to be. This new perspective. This new shift of consciousness. This new world. Because the world IS really different at 30.  

So, on the eve of my 30th birthday, a half an hour before midnight, I lit many candles and looked back once again. This time briefly and with a gentle and loving eye and proceeded to make a few vows. This decade, I will live authentically, pursue my passions and enjoy this magical journey called life. Then, I welcomed my 30's with open arms. 30, Je t’aime!