There I am after a super tasty Sunday brunch at Veselka on the east side with a great bunch of people. There was a time when Sunday Funday wasn't actually fun but more like a nightmare that I didn't realize I was in. For me, Sunday was the day I paid gravely for being a weekend warrior (party, party, party), spent a huge block of the day dressing up to go to city brunches full of empty conversations that I am guilty of being fully engaged in (who hooked up with who, what this person did, can you believe this happened...) all the while dreading that come Monday I would have to  go back to a job that was unfulfilling. So yeah. That was Sunday Funday and like I said in hindsight they don't really seem like much fun.  Don't get me wrong. I still love my Sunday brunches but they are a little different these days and Sunday has reclaimed it's place as the most exciting day of my week!  Monday to Friday is filled with healthy exercise routine, at least a conversation or two with a friend or family member each day, and very fulfilling work at The Bushwick Film Festival.  Saturday is usually resting, yoga, extended meditation and then simply relaxing alone or with very close friends or family. Then Sunday arrives and I am well rested, proud of the work I've accomplished over the week, the time I've put into relationships, and all ready to go out on an exciting adventure whether it be a hike, something artsy fartsy, or a visit to somewhere I've never been before (inside or outside of the city). Most Sunday's I'm up early enough as 6am usually in time for a meditation practice some where in the city or at home. And I wind down with reflection and preparation for the exciting week to come!  

I often think about the times when I was merely surviving the week and saying phrases like "so happy for it to be over" or "damn it! It's only Monday" or "Thank goodness is Friday" or "humpday." But I no longer wish any days away or to fly by because I see how precious time is and how it will eventually run out. So I really work hard to value each moment not wishing for a second before or a second after.  

So on this particular Sunday I was reminded that it is about thriving not surviving!  Surviving is brutal and takes away a lot of energy. Trust me. So now, I'm all about the thriving ;).  

So. How do you usually spend your favorite day of the week? I'd love to hear about it! you can comment below ;)




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