Brandenbergurger Tor. Berlin, Germany

Brandenbergurger Tor. Berlin, Germany

I loved 2013! It was a game-changing year for me and it seems that way for a lot of people I've asked. My brother and his wife had a beautiful son. A good friend got married and had a baby and another college friend/sister from another mother got a great job opportunity after being in a current job that was unfulfilling. My two besties in L.A. stepped into a whole new level of career success. I let go of a lot of habits and ideas and opened up to ones that proved to be healthier. I invested a lot of time in my relationship with my self.  Learned how to set boundaries and how to be of service to people and the planet. My mom finally got a car and is learning how to drive. The Bushwick Film Festival, an organization that I’ve dedicated myself to for the last 7 years, grew wings. Last but not least, I turned 30! Thankfully, the list of great things and accomplishments goes on and this time around it far outweighs the list of failures and disappointments. Now I see that was always the case.

Sheila Prakash, an amazing teacher is one of the people that helped me see it this way. I received an email from her yesterday with questions to help me bring the New Year in thoughtfully. Two questions on the list was to list my accomplishments and successes but to also list my failures and disappointments.  When thinking about my failures, a few things immediately came up of course. I missed a friend’s wedding, missed my nieces graduation, didn’t get an opportunity that I wanted and still allowed my actions to be guided by many old insecurities, financial insecurity being at the top of the list. But what Sheila also included in that question is to notice more of the 'why' and use that to understand myself more rather than criticize myself. That certainly shifted my idea of what failures and disappointments mean.

So as I said, I loved 2013. I laid many great foundations and planted a lot of seeds, met so many interesting people, had great experiences, and  got to be excited for other's accomplishments as well. As I watched the fireworks at midnight at the Branderburger Tor gate in Berlin (Did I mention getting to live in another country for 2.5 months!) with a fun bunch of people I could only imagine, with a huge grin, what 2014 would be like.

I wish for you the same thing. That you can see that more often than not the accomplishments (no matter how small they are) and successes always out weight the failures. And those failures are really just a gateway to the truth of things. I leave you with the questions and amazingly beautiful poem Sheila shared with me below. Happy New Year!!!!!





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