Breaking out of a bad food cycle was difficult. By bad food cycle I don't necessarily mean bad food I mean the same rotation of foods week after week, year after year.   It was hard to try to order something new off the menu when I was super hungry and didn’t want to regret getting something I didn’t like. Also, it was intimidating and embarrassing not knowing what all those foods are on the aisles upon aisles of shelves in the supermarket or the names of a lot of root veggies and cheeses at the farmers markets. Especially when I hadn’t had the slightest idea of how they tasted.  But when I realized that there there are so many foods that the earth provides for us to eat, I began to notice I only chose to eat the same types of foods since I began choosing for myself.

Each week I would eat rice, rotate three or four different Liberian Dishes (Cassava Leaf, Palava Sauce, Jollof Rice, fufu), The basic apples, bananas and oranges, pastas, meet chips, etc. You get the point. My every day go to foods.  Even if I went out for dinner, say at a Thai or Indian restaurant. I would always order the pad Thai or get the massaman curry. At Chinese restaurants I almost always ordered the broccoli and garlic sauce. Italian would be some sort of alfredo and caesar salad. American I would order burger and fries. For breakfast the basic eggs, pancakes, bacon bread...etc. Did I mention that it wasn't until college that I had ever heard or tasted Pesto or sushi??!!?

Day after day, year after year the same foods. Then as I began to think about diversity and how diverse nature is, I came to see that I was missing out on a whole world of foods. Goji berries, Coconuts, Raw Cacao, all types of beans, wheat, exotic fruits! I mean really there is a world of food out there that not only tastes incredible but have amazing healing powers. Just have a glimpse at the different types of roots and super foods there are!

As I said, breaking out of cycles are tough but if I truly wanted the benefit of expanding my world on all levels so I had to be fearless.  I should add that for me being fearless no longer meant having to go out shopping one day and put everything that I didn’t recognize in the cart (I did it all went bad!) or sacrifice a good meal for an unknown option if I’m starving (was very unhappy about that one!).  What worked was I started to pick up just one thing that I’ve never picked up while doing my weekly shopping or choosing a day that I would go out and be brave and order something else on the menu. But first making sure I wasn’t starving. Before making the small step I would make an agreement with myself that not liking the dish didn’t matter. The real goal was finding out more diverse foods that I did like and integrating it into my life and in turn making my world a lot richer. That’s what I did. Since then I’ve made some really interesting and surprisingly tasty dishes, learned about foods that help with healthy hair and good nights sleep and have become very comfortable trying something new on the menu. Even if I’m hungry ;). #breakingcylces!

I'm still in the early stages of experimenting so if you have any food suggestions or tasty recipes please share below!

many thanks, 



Authorkweighbaye Kotee